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“I traveled with Italiana Tours in October 2018, and it exceeded my expectations in every way! Planning was simple, as Piero and Katie arrange everything, provide excellent details and answer questions promptly.

Piero is a perfect host - he's your driver, your translator, your concierge, and above all, your expert experience curator - right down to choosing the menus and wine pairings. After this trip you'll wish he could plan all your vacations and your holiday dinners too. And unlike some professional tour guides who lecture non-stop, he reads the room. With our group, that meant providing a little context and then letting us just enjoy the experience. Not that he isn't an expert on the area; he's a native and quite literally seemed to be on hugging terms with everyone in town.

Speaking of which, Le Marche and the towns and villages on the tour are absolutely breathtaking. The area is every bit as beautiful as Tuscany, but we never saw or felt like tourists; we were treated like extended family everywhere we went.

Each specific experience was thus so much richer than I imagined. For example, a visit to the Einstein of Cheese isn't some corny photo op. It's actually a chance to wander quietly through the most picturesque, unspoiled hilltop village, get a private tour of the family cheese-making and olive oil pressing operation - in an historic medieval house overlooking the most paintable valley of olive groves imaginable - and then finally be treated to "a tasting", which is actually two hours of the finest olive oil, cheeses, cured meats, breads, jams, local wines and espresso at a giant farmhouse table in their tiny family shop.

And speaking of food, I was in the more well-trodden areas of Italy for a few days before and after this tour, and I ate in multiple Michelin-starred restaurants. They were nice, but nothing I ate in them could hold a candle to the lovingly-prepared local specialties served to us by Piero's hand-picked chefs.

I am already planning to go back!

-Suzanne J.

“Where to begin??! When I signed up to go to an art workshop in Italy with Nancy Medina, I had no idea where we were going. Sant’Angelo in Vado meant nothing to me. I knew a tourist company would be organizing our trip and that the owner, Piero, grew up in Sant’Angelo in Vado. What I didn’t fully understand was what an amazing introduction to the culture of this area of Italy I would be receiving. It’s been absolutely fabulous. Piero was a fantastic private guide. From the moment he met us at the airport in Bologna holding a sign with Nancy’s name on it, he was a professional tour guide who went above and beyond to meet all of the needs of our group. When I asked about the proximity of a Catholic Church near the hotel, he immediately escorted me down the street to the local church so we could find out times for mass on Sunday. It was also fun to hear about his life growing up in Sant’Angelo and how much he loves his home town. Everyone knows each other and that was fun to see, also. I highly recommend Italiana Tours with Piero. His knowledge of the area as well as all the amazing foods and wines is extraordinary. Thank you, Piero, for a memorable trip. “

Brenda J.

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"There was a safety of being with people who not only know the country, laws and speak the language, but we were with Piero's family - surrounded by family. I loved that. I felt very protected, and that if there was a crisis I wouldn't have to worry about anything not knowing how to communicate."

-Karen Y., Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"We loved the people. We loved everyone involved and the knowledge they brought about plants, truffles, and Urbino. Piero and Katie put in place people who were knowledgeable and shared it."

- Suzanne, Cakewalk Through Le Marche

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"We were so carefully ushered from place to place and experienced one after one memorable event.  Simple pleasures like the Monday market, dinner on top of the mountain and by the river, a moving tour of a sweet church, sitting in the square at a table sipping a cola, the great toy store, Einstein cheese party, San Marino, wading in the Adriatic Sea, breakfasts with new friends, and sharing it all with my beloved sister!"

-Patti, Painting Brilliant Florals

“We had a trip of a lifetime with Piero and our group experiencing the Marche region of Italy. Piero showed us the "true Italy." We enjoyed meeting local Italian people, ate incredible meals and saw gorgeous scenery while listening to Piero's delightfully humorous stories and narratives. We did not want our trip to end. “

-Charlotte P.

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"Piero shows you a place where you instantly feel at home. We don't have to worry about the language barrier because both our hosts are bilingual and their love of the place is contagious. Being with Piero in the place he grew up gave me a feeling of belonging."

-Christy, Call Me Marchigiano

Katie and Pierro were gracious hosts, catering to our every-need before and during the trip. The food was amazing, as was the wine (and plenty of both!) The scenery and life experiences are something I will remember forever. Thank you for sharing with us your home country. I can't wait to go back!

-Angel S.

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My friend and I just returned from a tour of Sant Angelo in Vado. The accommodations and attention to the traveler was superb. We saw some of the most beautiful sites you could imagine and dined in very special places. I would highly recommend Italiana Tours and Piero is a splendid guide!

-Anita H.