Carefully crafted tours of Le Marche

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Why Le Marche?

This undiscovered valley is filled with a rich cultural history, wonderful local festivals, and fascinating archaeological sites. Cities like Rome and Venice are beautiful and a wonderful part of Italian culture, but if you want to experience something different, look no further than Le Marche. While you take in the sites, fill up on some of the best food and wine that Italy has to offer, all guided by your personal tour guide and International Sommelier, Piero.

What do you get with an Internationally Certified Sommelier as your guide in a small town in Italy? Truffle hunts, wine lessons, and meticulously planned wine and menu pairings to give you a unique 5-star dining experience. Piero meets with every chef prior to your tour to hand-pick the perfect Italian wines – not for each meal, but for each course! Sit back, relax, and let your taste buds enjoy!

Food and Wine Tours


Luxurious private food and wine tours through italy’s hidden wine country

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Summer Food & Wine Tours

  • June 8-14

  • June 15-21

  • June 29-July 4

  • July 20-26

Escape the over-crowded, big cities and immerse yourself in local culture. From extensive cheese and olive oil tastings with the Einstein of Cheese, to Raphael's childhood home, to local festivals with music and dining in the streets, discover the secret treasures of my home, Le Marche, in a truly off-the-beaten-path adventure.

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Fall Truffle & Wine Tours

  • Oct 8-14

  • Oct 15-21

  • Oct 22-28

  • Oct 20-Nov 4

Come join us for the world-renowned white truffle festival! During the fall, the rich perfume of truffles wafts through the streets of Le Marche, and wine enthusiasts flock to enjoy the prized Verdicchio, smoked Passito, and vino di Visciole of the region. Eat and drink everything in sight while exploring surrounding gems like the medieval Castello della Pieve, Unesco World Heritage site of Urbania, and the mysterious of "The Church of the Dead.” #foodieswanted


Custom Tours


customize your journey in italy and live like a local

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Personalized Tours with a Private Guide

Looking to add on to an existing trip in Rome, Florence, or Venice? Would you like to explore small-town Italy without the crowds of some of the major cities? We have curated mini packages that focus on exploring the Italian countryside, wine tastings, cooking classes, and cultural activities without needing to worry about hotels or transportation.

Artist Tours


join some of your favorite artists in Italy for private workshops

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Capturing the Soul of Le Marche

Zan Barrage

July 8-14, 2019

Join International Watercolor Society (IWS) Master Artist Zan Barrage on an unforgettable week of watercolors and fun in Sant’Angelo in Vado, in the heart of genuine Italy in Le Marche.

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Becoming a Ceramic Artist in the Renaissance Majolica Tradition 

Cindy Keefer

July 15-21, 2019

Cindy Ingraham Keefer is a professional ceramics artist, sculptor and teacher. She has exhibited in galleries Los Angeles as well as made large public bronze sculptures .You will be visiting the birthplace of the decorative Majolica style of ceramic art in Urbania, Here you’ll be transformed into being an artist of the Renaissance times, enjoying the culinary arts as well.

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Put the Love in Your Story

Suzanne Frank

June 23-29, 2019

With Dante (local author, 700 years dead) as our guide to comprehending all different types and degrees of love, we will — daily — add to your story. Whether it’s a love scene, or just a thread, where it’s expressed or denied, we’ll be building the love in your tale every day.


Dennis Perrin in Italy

Dennis Perrin

October 2-8, 2019

Dennis Perrin is an internationally renowned and collected artist whose work hangs in public and private collections on nearly every continent. He was trained at The New Orleans Academy of Art under the late M. Dell Weller. His teachings go beyond the usual emphasis on traditional painting techniques to include visualization, imagination, and meditation, and Perrin strongly encourages his students develop their own unique Personal Vision as artists.


Painting the Colors, Textures and Horizons of Italy

Jacqueline Sullivan

September 25-October 1, 2019

Come with me on a fabulous painting and touring excursion in LaMarche, Italy. This area is a cultural, historic and creative wonderland. We will focus our artists’ eyes on the stunningly beautiful countryside and villages for inspiration. 

 we can’t wait for you to join us!