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Want to experience small town Italian culture away from the hustle and bustle of the major tourist cities? Le Marche is the perfect option; located between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, it is perfectly located for a quick trip from Rome, Florence, and Venice.

We have created mini packages which are designed to be mixed and matched together to create a trip that is uniquely “you.” When you go to build your tour, select the package(s) that most interest you along with your dates , and we will create your custom itinerary!


Culinary Package

This package was created with the ultimate foodie in mind; we will guide you through some of the best wine tasting and food options that Le Marche has to offer. Learn how to cook authentic italian dishes with a local chef and meet the man that Food and Wine Magazine calls the “einstein of cheese.”


Gelato Class with Master Francesco in his Caffe del Corso

established in 1814. You simply can’t come to Italy without tasting gelato. But what’s better than tasting gelato? Making gelato! This class will teach you the art and science of making gelato. Try your hand at finding the perfect flavor.


Wine Tasting at Terracruda

The Terracruda Winery Produces only quality wines from native grapes. Small harvests picked by hand are part of the company's philosophy. Their wines bear the signature of the master winemaker Giancarlo Soverchia. Enjoy an extensive tasting in their breathtaking tasting room or a special dinner in the heart of the vineyard.


Cooking Demonstration

Join chef Massimo for a grocery trip in the open-air market where you will see and sample some of the best delicacies Le Marche has to offer. Next, visit the best boutique winery in town to learn for a food and wine pairing class before heading to Massimo’s kitchen for a delicious cooking class.


Wine Tastings at La Montata and Ca Icardo

Experience the only smoked Passito in the world, the local delicacy of a flavorful dessert wine, Santangiolino , and and other wonderfully crafted wines unique to the Le Marche region.


Lunch at Castello della Pieve

Lunch at the medieval castle, set 550 meters above sea level in the municipal area of Mercatello sul Metauro. In 1301 Dante Alighieri's exile was decreed from this tiny village.


Brewery Tour in Apecchio

Take a visit to three different breweries producing craft beer in in the town known as Italy’s “Capital of Beer;” Fabbrica della Birra (which also distills grappa), the Amarcord, and the Venere microbrewery.


Cheese Tasting at La Gastronomia Di Vittorio Beltrami

Famous New Yorker food expert and cookbook author, Lidia Bastianich calls Vittorio Beltrami the “Einstein of Cheese”, and not just because he looks like Einstein, but because he is a genius cheese maker. His pecorino di fossa - a sheep’s milk cheese wrapped in grape leaves- is buried for 90 days, resulting in an indescribably intense, earthy cheese unlike anything you have ever eaten. We’ll visit his cheese cellar and shop where the family Beltrami will prepare an in-depth sampling of the famous cheeses, cured meats, and breads., all hand paired with local wines.



Italian Adventures Package

Outdoor activities abound! This package focuses on the those of us who long for fresh air, rolling hills, and bright flowers. Bring your hiking boots, swimsuits and spirit for exploring.


Guided Truffle Hunt

Join a professional truffle hunter and his dog on this tour through the forest. You’ll search for truffles and learn where and how truffles are gathered. On any given day we’ll collect more than enough to shave a little on the pasta.


Sunflower Hunt

This tour features a portrait and custom photo shoot is an iconic sunflower setting. You’ll be swept away by the fields of sunflowers blooming in vibrant yellow and orange colors.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

We’ll organize a tour for you in hot air balloon. Can you think of a better way to capture the beauty of the region than by flying high above the hills?


Coalman Tour

did you know charcoal can be handmade? In Le Marche, perhaps one of the last artisans of his kind, this coalman or carbonai prepares burners that produce a non-toxic form of charcoal. This tour will show you his process passed down to him through generations of previous carbonai.



Orienteering is a sport that is practiced in the open air, in the historic centers of cities, parks and the natural environment. We’ll join the Italian Orienteering Federation and Picchio Verde Agency to participate in an orienteering course. You will explore and learn how to orient yourself in scenario using city parks and historical center as ground fields, the surrounding woods and forest using a paper map and compass.


Biking,Hiking, and Trekking

The region features endless trails and paths to immerse yourself in nature. We’ll organize a tour and send you on your way, either alone, or with a botanical & historian expert.


River Swimming

Trek through blue lagoons and navigate miniature waterfalls as we get our feet wet and learn the history of the area. Traditional Italian merenda to follow in a truly off-the-beaten-path location!



Cultural Exploration Package

with all the medieval castles, churches, and an unesco world heritage site, le marche has a lot to offer for folks who want to focus on history.


Urbino UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city was considering the Zen of Renaissance, thanks to great Duke of Urbino and hometown of the painter of Raphael.


Bell Tower Tour

in the heart of San Angelo in Vado is a bell tower that dates back to the 13th century. We’ll guide you to the top for spectacular views of the town and surrounding landscape. We’ll see how the bells are played and learn why they are so important to the town. We’ll have a professional photographer with us for a photo shoot and an opportunity to use a drone to capture panoramic views.


Visit Piobbico

This town is an interesting little bump in the road. It's famous for its World Association of Ugly People, the Club dei Brutti. There is also a festa dei brutti, a festival celebrating ugly--along with the dish called Polentone alla Carbonara, the big polenta, the way the charcoal burners might make it. This town is both ironic and fun!


Millenary Abbey and Museum of Natural Colors

Nicknamed by the locals, “Luoghi del silenzio” (places of silence), the Abbey features a solar clock that’s truly unique as it’s on the inside of the building. Depending on the direction of the sun, light coming in from the window covers or touches the columns. Each column is unique, and from this they’re able to know time and dates.


Church of the Dead

See with your eyes the mysteries of “The Church of the Dead”. Have you ever seen a mummified heart or hair? One of the most rarely natural mummification processes in the World.


San Marino Tour

Bring your passport and visit one of the smallest counties in the world. San Marino is known for its walled old town and medieval cobblestone streets. It’s an iconic picture, this small republic perched high on the hill. Also, his little Italian brother, San Leo merits a visit too.


Domus del Mito, or House of the Myth

Take a visit to a Roman Villa with some 1,000 square meters of polychronic mosaics in the heart of Sant’ Angelo in Vado. The “Domus del Mito was build in the 1st century AD. This is one of the great archeological discoveries of the last 50 years in Central Italy.



“Live Like a Local” Package

Looking to immerse yourself in another culture? want to experience italy like you lived there? look no further than this package which offers a rotating selection of cultural ACTIVITIES year round.


Palio Del Somaro

The event involves the entire population organizing and participating in bag races, gastronomic events, "birucini" races (small cars with wooden and pedal wheels), the cocagne tree, at the cut of the trunk and finally the race of the donkey. Musicians, animations and games. The winner is the donkey that crosses the finish line first (with or without a rider). The palio (flag) is awarded to the winning "contrada" who will keep it until the following year when it will be put back into play. Recommended for family and children!


Le Marche Truffle Festival

Once a year, the town airs out its old wine cellars and turns these secret rooms into re-purposed wine bars. Float from one wine cellar, or cantina to the next, enjoying the variety of local and national wines paired with savory truffle-based delicacies. Each cantina has its own theme – from traditional (eat and drink at long, wooden picnic tables), to indulgent (buy the cantina mug, and enjoy free refills the rest of the weekend), to extreme (these cantinas have been known to pack in DJ’s, dance floors, and motorcycles into the limited 100 sq.ft. space). There is something for everyone at the International Festival of White Truffles of Le Marche and a reason why it has put Sant’Angelo in Vado on the map!


Food Festivals

In Le Marche we have a Festivals in different towns with just about any kind of delicious food! Are you ready? Go! Festivals with, Honey, Nutmeg, Pig, Donkey, Frog, Mushroom, Truffle, Beer, Wine, Polenta, Fish Soup, Prosciutto, Olive Oil, Asparagus, Potatoes, Steak, Spaghetti, Snail, Bread, Broad Bean, Cheese, Pheasant and Strawberry, Peach, Pear, Grape, Chocolate and Visciola, Ice Cream.

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Easter Festival

During Passover, Easter is celebrated with specialty foods, like the Easter bread, Torta Brusca. It’s a savory bread made with cheese, pecorino, or more expensive, Parmigiano Reggiano. During this time, try the traditional Easter breakfast, which includes all manner of offal and their juices—from tripe to lamb intestine, liver and lung, and then on to snails and boiled eggs in green sauce. On Easter morning, people all ages start to eat and drink at a big table in the square. General stands line the square and streets in the historical center, and restaurants and bars open their doors to welcome visitors. There will be music, dancing, and food all around the square and streets in the historical center. If you’ll be in Le Marche during Easter, we’d loved to help organize a reservation at a restaurant or transportation to the event.

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Valantine’s Day in Sassocorvaro City

People from around the world visit the village to mark one of the most important festivities in the town, Valentine’s Day. This little village contains a relic of Saint Valentine in the local Church. They welcome visitors and celebrate the day with many exhibitions and events. On Valentine’s day, the Village turns off the street lights and is lit with candles.